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L​ash Extensions 

*All lash appointments have a $45 Deposit that goes towards yours Lash set.

*NO DEPOSIT REFUND. If you choose NOT to call to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours or DON'T show up for your appointment.

*Please arrive 5-10mins before your appointment ( your room is being prepared ). You will be called at your appointment time.

*LATE APPOINTMENT: We have a 15 min grace period, anytime after that your appointment will automatically be canceled and your $45 will Not be refunded.

For photos follow - Instagram : Lesly.Lashes

Full Set Lash Extensions 

Classic lashes.                   $90

Hybrid Lashes.                    $100

Volume Lashes.                    $110

Mega Volume Lashes.               $130

Lash Refills 

Classics.                           $45

Hybrid                              $50

Volume                              $60

Mega Volume                         $70


Lash Removal                     $20

Eyebrow Tint                     $30

Eyelash Tint.                    $45

Lash Bath Kit                    $10

 Full Lip Blushing $400 

Touch up $175 

Imagine never having to worry about reapplying  your lipstick after eating or drinking. Now, imagine if you can change the size and shape of your lips to look fuller. That's exactly what you can expect with this intradermal procedure.